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sobota, 23. maj ob 20:00

HASHIMA is a Belgrade-based jazz quartet that combines various musical experiences into a new adventure, difficult to define stylistically. Musicians and genres that inspire them include Wayne Shorter, Vasilije Mokranjac, Igor Stravinsky, improv, rock and folklore. Their poetics draw on European arthouse film and literature, subliminally intertwined with the core of Hashima’s original music, giving it a programmatic character. The themes of Igor Mišković’s compositions mainly consist of musical motives that are fully developed through arrangements and free improvisations, without restraining from noise or subtle lyrical miniatures. Four different instruments and sensibilities convene in form, stripped from traditional stylistic features, its content inspired by the distant abandoned island in Japan – Hashima.

The Haywain, Hashima’s second album, was released in October 2017 and was mastered in French studio La Buissone by Nicolas Baillard (who mastered and recorded more than 30 ECM records).

The Haywain is directly inspired by a Hieronymus Bosch triptych painting of the same name. Dance No. 3 is a contemporary and exciting Balkan inspired composition with a great Susana Santos Silva playing trumpet. Iris of the Eye is a reach towards pure beauty and hard-to-get honesty that is presented in a very delicate timbre with classical music qualities.

Last 3 compositions make a 3-part suite – The Haywain Triptych. Ray of the Microcosm represents a Creation of the world and the Fall from heaven with unearthy long guitar reverbs and a double bass bowing that cuts right through it. The Haywain paints a picture of a vagon of hay, rolling and inviting people to participate in an unhuman circus that we experience every day in our lives. Satantango shows how accepting a clown act in this hell circus leads us only to an endless path of unhappiness.


Live from Studio 6 – National Radio Television of Serbia:


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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thehashima
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“One of the biggest discovery of last years. Balkans’ jazz has their heroes from now. The opener “Dance No. 3” is a true bomb. Spiced with Portuguese rising star Susana Santos Silva trumpet vibrato soloing it blows your minds away.”
– Jazz Music Archives

“Hashima, an unusual confluence of classicism, Balkan folk forms, avant garde racket and lyricism.”
– Thomans Conrad (Jazz Wise, AllAboutJazz, Jazz Times)