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Science Bites CSK


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Science Bites Season 4

torek, 17. marec ob 18:30

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There’s something immensely satisfying about learning something new. And with everything you learn, you add more and more puzzle pieces to your world.

But when we get to science, people quite often feel overwhelmed. Somewhere between nuclear fission, and the power of relativity, people get afraid…

With Science Bites, we hope to change that. We’re a group of postgraduate and doctoral students who hope to share some of what we are learning with you. Our hope is to provide you with a little glimpse at the world around us.

We’ll be tackling big subjects, and breaking them down into bite-size, comprehensible and dynamic pieces.

For us, we’re constantly inspired by the feeling of “wow”, and by the end of this evening, we want to leave you with plenty of wows and a chance to realize you don’t have to be an Einstein to begin understanding science and the world around us.

The event will be in English.

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(Torek) 18:30 - 20:30


KUD CSK kavarna

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