Trnovfest – Sun Wu-Kong + Nibiru


Trnovfest – Sun Wu-Kong + Nibiru

sobota, 22. avgust ob 01:00*

Sobotni psy/zenon/forest večer s Sun Wu-Kongom ter Nibirujem.


Sun Wu Kong – translation: “The one who was awakened to nothingness.”
Better known as Nils Rošker was born and raised in Ljubljana. Loved music from a young age; which inspired him to train a couple of years as a solo vocalist. Heavily influenced by etno/jazz/rock n roll; he sang in multiple live bands such as:
After giving up ensemble pursuits SWK attended the SAE institute in Vienna and Ljubljana where he finished his Audio engineering diploma in 2016. Since then he has been involved in numerous musical projects such as:
Niels Reuschker:
Ear iT:
Brothers Of D-Light:…mo-for-live-act/


Nibiru is Marduk’s star, which he made appear in the heavens…The stars of heaven, let Nibiru set their course; let him shepherd all the gods like sheep. [Enuma Elish]

Nibiru is a psychedelic DJ from Kranj, Slovenia. Since very young age he was interested in psychedelic music. He first heard Juno Reactor in movie soundtracks like Mortal Combat and Matrix, but was too young to know what it was all about…The sounds he heard as just a kid were apparently never forgotten – soon he came back in touch with psychedelia in local squats and got hooked for good. In 2011, one Very special night at Ozora festival changed everything. Suddenly he realised the massive revolutionary potential of psytrance culture – the post-national, culture dissolving, sincere nature of the psychedelic playground we call the dance floor. Soon after »the Event« he decided to become a DJ and bought the necessary gear. His favorite sound is Forest psychedelia with dirty, punky, driving bass lines and twisted vibes. Deeply influenced by counter-culture, Nibiru draws his inspiration from extreme metal and industrial music resulting in relentless dynamic sets with a tempo range of about 147 – 155 bpm.
Founder of Chagga Records and producer of the Chagadelia party series. He is also known for organising the DROPS festival, the only psychedelic/experimental festival in Slovenia.

He has played alongside international names like Jahbo, Tromo, Onkel Dunkel, Antispin, Kox Box, Kala, Whrikk, Mirror Me, Ruby My Dear, Elowinz, FishEye, Drury Nevil and many others on outdoor parties, festivals and clubs in Slovenia, Austria and Spain.

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